Maintenance and care for your
Charcuterie/ Cutting Board.

Boards are handmade from Vancouver Island Maple by Dian Smit at

Caring for your new board:

  • Only wash with mild soap and water if needed otherwise, just rinse in water
  • Best to not leave it sitting in water
  • To prevent the board from warping, store it flat and flip it over occasionally. It can also be stored leaning straight up. If it does warp, place it flat on the counter “cup” side down for a day or so

When you see dry areas on your board:

  • Clean with water, Dry
  • Rub in a generous amount of ‘Board Butter’ with you hand
  • Let sit for 30 minutes
  • Buff out with a soft cloth

Board Butter ingredients: Food safe mineral oil and Beeswax – available at