Plane Workshop

Woodworking Restoring old tools is so rewarding and interesting. Somewhere along the line I picked up an old General Jack Plane (Type 2, I think). Having not used a hand plane much I was not sure how best to get this to be a functional tool again. At the workshop, we learned about each part […]

Welcome to the Shop


Welcome to the Shop On a regular basis, I will be posting here to update you on the progress of new projects. Find out the latest news from the Wood Smit Shop, or just browse through other interesting tidbits from the shop. Updated pictures can be found on my Instagram page  Check out my posts […]

The Boxes

Modular Funiture

With all the time spending on getting website and setting up other business stuff, like this place and fun places like this: There has been little time for making pretty wooden things. Projects that are on the workbench right now are some wonderful boxes. I like to call them “modular furniture boxes”. these where designed by […]