With all the time spending on getting website and setting up other business stuff, like this place https://www.instagram.com/woodsmitshop/ and fun places like this: http://www.facebook.com/woodsmitshop. There has been little time for making pretty wooden things.

20″ x 20″ x 20″ Box front with the door open

Projects that are on the workbench right now are some wonderful boxes. I like to call them “modular furniture boxes”. these where designed by Peter. These boxes are 20″ by 20″ by 20″ outside measurements. Each box is made from 3/4 sanded plywood. Each has 3 handled cut into it for easy lifting and moving. Some have a door on the front with or without a shelve on the inside.

This 20″ x 20″x 20″ Box front with the Door closed

When placing 2 boxes by 4 boxes side by side you have a Twin bed, add another row, 3 boxes by 4 boxes, now there is a Queen size bed. Great. going up, stack 3 boxes by 3 boxes high and there is a book shelve. If some boxes have a door you have storage of over 4 cubic feet per box.

Each container is finished with a durable clear coat. I can however imagine these would look great with some of the sides painted or stenciled.